Compatible Printer Ink Lasts 50% Longer than Originals

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    Guess what every one……………………Please see the facts below:

    By using a compatible printer ink cartridge you will get at least 50% more ink. The originals inks are never truly full, the reason for that is the manufactures make money from selling the inks and not the printers. Save money and get more printers for your bucks by changing the way you print.

    -Do you print CAD drawings? 

    -Do you print decking pictures to show customers your work?

    -Do you pint and post invoices?

    If the above is you then call us 01268 510 300. You have nothing to lose only to gain. We give 30 days credit to most customers.


    Vitor Cabral

    1st Media Solutions UK LTD

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