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    Pro Landscaper

    Hi All, over the last few weeks I have been to a couple of exhibitions, one really well attended the other not so. It really got me thinking, what would make you attend a event? Is it location, seminar programme, to see exhibitors, find out about lastest products, listen to top industry figures or a mixture of all?Great to hear your thoughts.


    Hi Jim

    I would attend a show for networking or if we were exhibiting. I don’t have time for seminars – not saying there wrong just simply I don’t have time.

    Location is Key, London shows tend to get busy and on the whole seem worth it.

    Latest products, perhaps the internet is key here – there are many ways to see new products without going to a show.

    When we exhibit, the best customers seem to be the ones that spend 15 seconds looking, ask for a brochure and thats it = a month or so later your specified. Where as customers that spend 15 minutes talking never seem to buy anything…

    The event creators are also a factor, consider 100% design – this has now changed hands, its now run by the same company as grand designs; so this year many exhibitors have pulled out as the format has changed and so will the demographic of the attendees.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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