Hardwood Deck and Pergola

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    New Leaf Design

    Hello guys,

    I’v been asked by a client to design a deck with probably a matching pergola above, as a side area to an existing patio on which to situate a hot-tub.

    Because of the water, i had thought about Millboard but with no possibility of matching wood to the pergola, have ruled this out. That leaves hardwood and i was therefore thinking of Ipe. If it was you, and you had to find one wood suitable for both a deck and building a quality pergola, what would your choice be and what supplier would you use for the timber?

    I appreciate that this deck will require some care and annual maintenance, but the whole thing will need to be of a piece and using hardwood will also make it possible to countersink mini LED lights into the pergola cross-members.

    The deck will be at ground level rather than raised – by which i mean the bottom of the support joists will be at ground level with the deck surface around 180mm above the patio level – anticipating a single step up from patio to hot tub. This is currently laid to lawn. Deck will be around 4m x 4-6m – haven’t designed it yet.


    Hi Ivan

    Iroko, all day long, looks great, affordable and achievable…

    21 x 144 for the decking and 90 x 90 for the posts, the beams for the pergola could be 150 x 46 and the rafters/joists could be 100 x 46… ?

    Looking forward to your design



    New Leaf Design

    Many thanks Karl, have sent you a PM

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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