Hemp Shield a revolutionary Deck Sealer


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    David Seber

    Here is Hemp Shield- A revolutionary Wood Finish & Deck Sealer made with 100% pure hemp seed oil, non-formaldehyde based algecide,fungicide and mildewcide. Water based penetrating oil proprietary mixture.  NO VOC (Clear) Very LowVOC(shaded varieties) with NO HAP’s or any fumes. High Coverage and competitively priced.  QUV tests superior to anything else on the market for durability and anti UV properties.

    HEMP SHIELD has many other potential applications from fencing to siding to marine use and furniture finish just to mention a few

    Check out HEMP SHIELD at http://www.hempshield.net.  Buy 2 or more gallons online with no charge for shipping.

    Welcome to a new age of industrial hemp building materials starting with HEMP SHIELD.  Since hemp works as well as or better than wood in all composite applications it is look for hemp decking lumber in the future along with panels and all types of products currently made from wood


    Hi David,

    Is this product available in the UK? I would amend the delivery terms for purchasing, unless you will deliver to the UK for free…




    David Seber

    Dear Karl,
    There are no distributors for Hemp Shield in the UK or Europe at this time nor do we ship outside the US on retail orders.  Some research would have to be done on the technical and labeling requirements for importing Hemp Shield into the UK or the rest of the EU, but we are open to the idea of “national franchises based (initially) on the import of containers of Hemp Shield from the US. Hemp Shield is made by the largest paint/sealer manufacturer in the Pacific Northwestern US so there would be little problems in terms of physical supply or labeling.  Once the business in Hemp Shield becomes big enough to justify a manufacturing facility in the UK and/or the EU our fabricator would establish local production of Hemp Shield-David Seber/President

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