Is teak deck as good as experts say?

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    As a favorite among all tropical hardwood species, teak is considered a top choice when it comes to decking materials, endorsed by professionals.

    According to what I learn from this blog post about Teak Decking, as teak is native to tropical climates, it has adapted to the moisture and temperature conditions. The growing environment has given the species a spectacular adaptation so that it can easily withstand climate variations. Either snowing in in the North or heat in the South, your teak deck stands firmly and beautifully. This feature is due to its natural oil content, which fills all the micro tubes and prevents humid conditions from ruining your deck. Teak’s water repellence makes it a favorite for boat and yatch builders as well.

    Teak’s oily characteristic also protect the species from insects, bacteria, and termite invasion. Interestingly enough, despite its oily feel, a teak deck is slip resistant in wet areas for foot traffic so you don’t need to worry about unfortunate accidents.

    Another reason that makes teak the noblest of hardwood materials for your deck is its silicon content that prevents corrosion or oxidation upon metal contact over a substantial length of time. Additionally, teak decks will not crack or warp.

    As a whole, with easy, appropriate maintenance techniques, a teak deck will last for many decades, and the investment will add value to your home.

    Apparently, there is no need for sealants or preservatives when it comes to maintaining teak decking. With solid teak boards, it is always optional to sand or refinish depending on the condition of your deck.

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    As long as it is over 750 Kgs Cubic Metre then yes… younger and less dense teak, although Tectona Grandis, it may not have developed the preservation oils that older trees have. 

    It is Durability class 1… so is Accoya®… but Accoya®is warranted for 50 years against rotting above ground… now that takes some beating!

    There are other modified timbers that are being used for similar high end installations of course, such as Accoya®, Kebony® and Lignia®


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