Laying Decks Parallel To House

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    Craig McGibbon

    Dear Network,

    I have always laid decking perpendicular to house, with the falls of the deck to the water can run away from the walls.

    A current design runs the decking parallel to the house wall, which seems popular with installers. With a 14m wide deck, how do you manage the fall so it doesn’t look odd against the wall.

    Thanks Craig


    HI Craig

    Good question, you may adopt a different design and run the decking away from the parallel instead of with it. This way it appears level against the house/wall but isn’t.

    By having a run off across the boards may seem a sensible idea and in some cases its acceptable, and some not.

    If the boards have a flat surface and they are your normal timber then they may cup which will cause the retention of water… in the cases of Lignia, Accoya and Kebony which shouldn’t pose an issue as these materials don’t cup.

    I can’t comment for all composites but I know the Enhanced Grain boards from Millboard are slightly curved on the surface across the board so this is a great solution. There are many composites the don’t recommend this in their installation Manual…

    What do you recon?

    Craig McGibbon

    Thanks for the reply Karl,

    You have confirmed my thoughts and concerns with this layout method. As the decking is textured, l will lay it in parallel to the house.

    thanks Craig


    Brill, be great to the the images when you have completed the project


    How did you get on Craig? ive done 100% of my deck installs with boards running along the house/building wall.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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