Love Your Garden and not your deck… o’dear

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    Having watched this evenings TV show on ITV, Love Your Garden I am concerned at the structure of the deck.

    Yes it was a grand deck given the dimensions of the garden, the composite decking is what it is and I have no issue with that… What I do have issue with is the decking structure. It may have joist centres at the prerequisite dimension commensurate with the manufactures specification for the deck board length but I didn’t see any Beams.

    Beams being the primary structure that the joists sit on… I could also mention the posts and how the joists are connected to them but I don’t have the inclination to write war and peace.

    I didn’t see 150 x 47 joists, they were much smaller and with too greater span.

    So in all ITV has promoted a decking structure to the masses with no Beams, wrong connections, wrong size joists, incorrect spans…. Thanks ITV,

    Just for your information, planning is also an issue and was required for this, over 300 mm higher than ground level needs planning and although I am unsure of the sqm coverage but I wonder if that was more than 50% of the garden to include extensions and out buildings… tut tut tut. You also need Building reg’s too…

    This is why I want code for Exterior Timber structures in the UK… anyone can build anything…

    Great use of a garden hose for a potable water supply, no standard in ground blue water pipe for exterior use, be great in winter…

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