Lunatics, Luddites and Lords paving the way to decking over your gardens… or not!

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    We all know and understand that due to excessive rain and severe weather that Britain has been flooded. It doesn’t surprise me to learn that the most senior Politicians and Lords have once again been stepping onto their soap boxes and bashing our patios and decking structures. They are now blaming TV programs and celeb’ presenters like Saint Alan Titchmarsh that paving and decking over gardens is to blame for these floods.

    I have lost count of how many times I have seen these senior leaders of our country spout this ridiculous nonsense. It benefits no-one, it certainly won’t make the floods disappear – who do they think that they are King Canute the Viking…

    Where do these guys get their information from? Do they recon this is where the floods come from? Are these magical landscapers using paving slabs from a special universe that hold a million times their own volume in water, like tardis slabs… then every now and then they decide to release the water and we get these gargantuan floods… come on chaps behave.

    So let’s shout SUDS back at them but I doubt they’d understand.

    Finally can someone, anyone explain how in the heck can decking be attributed to flooding…. Anyone…

    Source information  , Lord Kerns and Lord Kreg

    Quote “Don’t blame me! Alan Titchmarsh says paving over gardens isn’t causing floods as climate change lobby turns up the volume

    Government adviser warns paved gardens are less able to absorb water. Lord Krebs criticised TV gardeners for encouraging growth of patiosAlan Titchmarsh insists stars are not responsible for flooding crisis and blames official policies instead

    Climate change campaigners point to global warming as cause of floods

    Press release By Hugo Gye, Daily Mail Online

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