What is the position of the TDA?

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    After an exchange of emails and considerations of legal action brought about by the TDA via a member of The Decking Network. The emails and threats of legal action have been brought about by Member Steve Young of the Timber Decking Association against The Decking Network.

    Steve wrote the following on his profile.


    How did you find this website.

    “Our trade mark protection agents alerted us to the D logo and the phrase:”setting the standard in the UK” which they believe could be an infringement of the TDA’s UK intelectual property rights under UK trademark law and we are considering our position.”


    Is not the fact that The Decking Network exists to activley place its news, information, discussion and members in the open and promote all facets of Decking to all, surely the TDA would have at least entered into a polite discussion rather than offer threats of legal action.

    So Steve on behalf of The Decking Network, an open site for providing timber and composite decking information, what is your position or indeed that of the TDA.


    Karl harrison

    The Decking Network Creator


    These are all the UK Domestic Trade Mark Applications or Registrations in the name of Timber Decking Association
    TM Number            Mark Text                        Type          Date       Status        Classes
    2226733A     TIMBER DECKING ASSOCIATION               WO         22.03.2000   Expired     02 19 35 37 40
    2226734 tda TIMBER DECKING ASSOCIATION                SW          22.03.2000   Expired     02 19 35 37 40 42
    2237098 d Deck Mark QUALITY ASSURANCE SCHEME   DW         23.06.2000   Expired    02 19 35 37 40 42
    2237117 d Deck Mark QUALITY ASSURED MATERIAL     DW         23.06.2000   Expired      02 19

    I wonder how your trade mark protection agents are getting on…

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