What was the last deck you constructed, what decking did you use.

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    I thought I’d try and create some input from the members and get information about who is using what and where?


    Any deck, wood or composite, big or small


    So what was it, how many sq m, what type of screws, elevation, beam span, joist span, decking dimensions……..?


    Real Hardware LLC

    Hi Karl,

    We have been using Composite Decking (WPC) since last 7-8 years and each area on an average is 300 Sq. Mtr. Around Swimming Pool in most cases but we have also done around a large artificial pond in a Garden house of a tycoon area 2200 sq. mtr. around 2 years ago. 

    We use Joist made of same material with choice of 3 different profiles. span of joist 280~330mm, Clips and screws made of Stainless Steel. decking profiles used are 25 to 35mm hollow or 25mm solid. Joist 30×51 hollow or 30-60 hollow or 25-40 solid. 

    We find WPC is much easier and complaint free so far compare to Wooden Decking we have been doing since 1984 till we introduced WPC 8 years ago. the Summer temp. in our region is 49-51 deg. C.  so, you can imagine what am I talking about. 😀

    B. Rgds


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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