Would you like to be part of 18,000,000 sq m of new decking in the UK?

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    Are you ready to be part of 18 million square metres of new decking? Well, in accordance of a recent news release from the Timber Trade Federation, this could be possible. 

    The UK Government need 300,000 new homes to be built every year from now until 2050. That’s 30 years of 300,000 new gardens, Crikey that should make the Association of Professional landscapers very Happy…Even if only 10% had new timber decking platforms in their gardens this would be 30,000 homes and at the very least 20 sq. metres in each garden is an amount of 600,000 sq. m of decking and at £160 per sq m equates to £96,000,000 (plus vat of course) … not forgetting that this figure is per year for the next 30 years…do the math’s folks…

    I think the best business to be in is building garden decking projects. Imagine that… 18,000,000 sq. m of decking of an amount of …

    “Ok you do the math’s and if to write in with the correct answer the Network will give you a rather loud shout out with your own news feature.”

    Maybe if this info got the splash on the telegraph, Guardian or any of the broad sheets coupled with schools promulgating this fabulous news then maybe some of the kids that need a direction to be pushed into is a no brainer… (I suppose construction is the way forward but as this is the Decking Network you can understand why I have chosen the decking element to focus on). 

    Even a very small percentage of this massive volume is sufficient to encourage any self-respecting company that installs decking to consider regulations and of course Associations. The APL has its own Decking installation guide that is privy to its members and is adhered to by them all. 

    I think its wise to mention that there is already quite a few sq m of timber decking being installed on many of the commercial constructions across the UK. There’s probably at least this amount of decking on the thousands of new balconies being constructed across the UK. I’m not going to elaborate on numerous but it is a huge volume. suffice to say it’s a sensible industry with plenty of work to go around. 

    All of this on top of new builds for existing gardens in the 25,000,000 homes in the UK alrdeady.

    Are you encouraged by this? Is this a discussion you want part of?.. .


    Ooooo sounds like a few weeks work

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