what's the most sustainable decking?

Will Covid 19 change us Are you sustainable?

Will Covid-19 change us   Are you sustainable? Prior to Covid-19 we had Brexit, the scaremongers were awash across all media platforms… In industry we had carbon footprint, the environment and sustainability. What is for certain, millions have been furloughed and companies are changing their strategies, is it time to consider how your strategy may … Read more

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Building Regulations for Decking

Building Regulations for Decking in England Building Regulations should be assumed to apply to every deck structure requiring planning permission. Simply contact your local Building Control. Decking installations don’t usually require building regulations unless they perform part of the structure of a new build or add to the primary structure of the dwelling. Decking platforms … Read more

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Decking How To

Decking Installation guides and technical information For the many different decking materials available we have assembled decking installation guides from the manufacturers and decking installation companies.   Millboard product, technical information and installation guide   Exterpark, patented hardwood product guide   Exterpark Installation guide   Exterpark care & storage Your brochure Here

Decking Screws

Decking Screws, which ones should I use explained here… Stainless, coated or does it really matter? Of course, it does… Stainless Steel Decking Screws Stainless is by far the best for exterior use, either A2 or A4 stainless The A2 stainless steel grade screw or fixing has a good corrosion resistance under standard construction use … Read more

How to choose hardwood decking article

How to Choose the right Hardwood Decking

How to Choose the right Hardwood Decking Choosing hardwood decking, whats my choice? Choosing the right decking or even getting the right advice may be a daunting task. This can be made very simple if you ask the right person the right questions. Yes, one can propose additional works to your contractor or builder; but … Read more