Can I have a fire pit on my decking?

Can I have a fire pit on my decking?

Of course, you may have a fire pit anywhere you like, where you put it is entirely up to you. Whether it should be there is totally different question. Modern gas fires or fires that use a liquid to produce flames are usually acceptable. These sorts of fire pits contain the flames and also the heat. As long as the heat transmits upwards then there shouldn’t be any issues with a hot flame coming in contact with the frame of your device.

If, however, you have a traditional wood-burning fire pit then it’s much different. These tend to be housed in a steel frame quite close to the floor and will transmit extreme heat down the frame legs. They also transmit the heat through the bottom of the bowl as this can be very close to the decking surface. This is one of the causes of your fire pit melting the decking surface.

Can I have a fire pit on my decking?

Can I have a BBQ on my decking

It’s pretty much the same thing here, gas BBQs tend to be the safest while charcoal cause the most issues. Both of these setups create enormous heat but if the charcoal drops onto the decking then it tends to melt it quickly.

Will spitting embers on my deck burn my decking

YES, YES and YES… It doesn’t matter what decking you have, nasty Far Eastern hollow boards, solid boards, capped boards, synthetic boards and also timber. They will all show charring, melting and signs that something very hot has landed on your decking.

Is decking flammable

I can’t stereotype all decking types, neither can I assume the same fire rating. In the main, they will all show signs of melting or burning if brought into contact with something hotter than the decking surface is designed to stand. Even if the decking manufacturer says “it doesn’t burn”, “indicative testing shows that it doesn’t burn” or something similar doesn’t mean it’s not affected by extreme heat. Even if it melts a little or shows a scorch mark, it may ruin your decking. The manufacturer may be correct in their statement in that didn’t burn or burst into flames… but will still show a charring or scorch mark

There are Fire Regulations that call for all buildings to have A or A1 certified decking. They are in the main, fibreboard made from cement or aluminium… they certainly can’t catch fire but they will more than likely mark if brought into contact with something very hot.

What do I do if I accidentally scorch my deck?

In all instances, when there is an issue with your decking you should contact the manufacturer. 99% of accidents like this almost always need the decking board replacement. The tip of the day would be to purchase a few extra boards for emergencies like this. Store them under your deck if there’s room, and tape a bag of fixings to the boards too. You’ll never find them when it comes to replacing a board.

Who’s at fault here

Well the designer designed your deck, your contractor built it for you but it was you that had the BBQ or fire pit that caused the issue. You could take issue with the manufacturer, but I doubt you’d be covered in their T’s and C’s. They may say their decking doesn’t catch fire or burn, but I’m equally sure it doesn’t say anything about melting or showing scorch marks either. it will cost you a fortune for your day in court to find out what the judge may say. The cheapest remedy is to replace the boards.

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