A garden balustrade solution

Garden Balustrade Solutions

This week we have been creative in designing a garden balustrade solution for an extension project utilising our newly introduced edge mounted mini post balustrade system.

garden decking and balustrade render

The customer is in the process of extending their small timber decking area further into the large back garden. Incorporating a swimming pool within the area. They were looking for a glass railing system to use as a garden balustrade running along the sides of the decking.

garden decking and balustrade render

When thinking of purchasing a glass balustrade and decking from different suppliers it is good practice to plan in advance the systems you are going to use prior to installing the decking; this ensures the system can work seamlessly together and you don’t meet any difficulties once the decking is installed.

Bespoke Balustrade Installation

Working with the client on the shape and material for the decking, we were able to offer a bespoke design solution for a garden balustrade utilising our mini post frameless glass balustrade system. The edge mounted stainless steel brackets are perfect for fixing the glass panels in place by utilising the height of the decking. Manufactured from duplex stainless steel, they offer greater corrosion resistance when utilised for an outdoor glass balustrade or as in this instance; a pool fencing solution.

garden decking and balustrade render

Finishing off the design with a minimal handrail running over the top of the glass panels. The end result will be a modern and stylish garden balustrade creating a safe outdoor living environment; enjoyed by the whole family and for entertaining friends. With such stunning views ahead a frameless glass balustrade is a perfect fit for the project. Carrying out a site visit prior to preparing a quotation and bespoke visualisation we were able to envisage the balustrade. Whilst there at the property utilising the pictures taken during the visit to create stunning graphics for the customer. Including the decking area yet to be installed. This allowed the client to truly understand what their project will look like. Once installed and making sure they were 100% happy with the solution chosen.


garden project pictures before


decking and pool render its glass balustrade surround

When considering purchasing a glass balustrade and decking from different suppliers it is advisable to plan both parts of the project together, making sure the glass balustrade supplier has the correct fitting system for the materials of your choosing. Dealing directly with homeowners, we understand that they are relying on our expertise within the industry. To provide them with the best possible solution for their project: we take pride in each design we create; making sure we listen to what the customer is asking for and what they wish to achieve. Whether you choose to use our composite decking system; or you opt for a different type of flooring. We make sure to understand the construction of your project; as well as provide valuable advice on how best to incorporate a glass balustrade; to create a safe outdoor living space.

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