Outdoor living with trex composite decking

Outdoor living design with decking

Outdoor living design with Decking Outdoor living is essential to your families’ wellbeing, and relaxing in your garden is a perfect way to wind down. The winter months are almost behind us and Spring is about to burst into our gardens. You’ve neglected your gardens, it’s been cold outside and the weather a far cry … Read more

What is Trex Composite decking

What is Trex composite decking

What is Trex composite decking The demand for Trex composite decking is increasing year on year as professional installers and homeowners recognise the benefits. Trex® is the world leading brand alternative to traditional timber decking. The sustainability credentials are unmatched around the world, so it’s easy to see why more people are choosing Trex. The … Read more

Garden decking maintenance tips

Garden decking maintenance tips

Garden decking maintenance tips Garden decking maintenance tips, from experts, will keep your wood or composite decking looking its best all year. Your decking platform is in your garden, outside and is subject the all of the elements from the weather. The UK has temperature of a sweltering plus 40°C to a freezing cold minus … Read more

Millboard opens its curtains for its pro Installers

Millboard opens its curtains

Millboard opens its curtains for the first time in the UK Millboard has officially opened its curtains and embraced the professional Decking installers of its, up until now, secret brand. An exciting couple of days at the Ryton-on-Dunsmore manufacturing facility and heart of the UK’s leading brand of decking. Amazing people, great industry support and … Read more

Joist Hanger fixing for decking structure

Joist connection for deck framing

Joist connection for deck framing The best advice for fixing joists as a decking frame is based on many years of what works and what doesn’t. The other advice is based on timber science and industry standard timber connection and what is and what isn’t acceptable. It is vital to the success of any decking … Read more

Rainier composite decking by TREX

Latest composite decking UK

Latest composite decking UK On the heels of the successful launch of Trex Transcend® Lineage™ in the USA. The composite decking leader is adding two new colours to the luxury line for 2023. Expanding its industry-leading decking portfolio, these new hues boast premium qualities. Aesthetics, heat-mitigating technology, and superior performance backed by an impressive 50-year warranty. “The response … Read more

Futurescape landscaping event

The Landscaping Exhibition at Futurescape 2023

The Landscaping Exhibition Futurescape 2022 The Landscaping industry showcased at its best, refined, well presented, and very well attended. This was a well thought out demonstration of the best materials, innovation, associations and most of all, people. Important seminars hosted by some of the best in the industry… If you missed it this year, then … Read more

how to get a decking quotation

How do I get a decking quote

How do I get a decking quote Do you ask yourself “How do I get a decking quote”, “who do I ask”, “What’s involved”…? This is an introduction to explain some of the processes involved to help you streamline the early stages of your decking project. Decking builders in my area Decking projects are usually … Read more

Small composite millboard decking

Small Millboard deck in Ickenham

Small Millboard deck in Ickenham Not all decks are equal and certainly not the same size or shape. Every garden that needs a place to site and relax will benefit from a decking terrace. Millboard Composite decking is a great choice for most gardens. Choosing the right decking for the project contributed to the success … Read more

Decking Seminar at The Landscape Show

Decking seminar at The Landscape Show The UK’s leading Landscaping trade event is dedicated to Landscapers, qualified garden designers, landscape architects, and architects. It is a platform to network and source industry-leading products to use in Landscaping. Hey “Decking Folk” this is for you… A gathering of like-minded Professionals all under one roof. What’s not … Read more