When is the perfect time for a new Deck

When is the perfect time for a new Deck

The perfect time for a new deck should be at a time convenient for you. Not that you should put it off until tomorrow but certainly a project that you should plan for. Professional garden designers and DeckPro’s would certainly need time to get creative and design your project. It is always best to get your decking designed in the first instance, you can then have the time to consider the garden as a whole.

There’s no time like the present

If you are considering a new garden decking terrace it really is best to get your design done as soon as you can. You need to allow for the initial visit with your designer or DeckPro, and in turn they would normally need time to consider your project.

Live art in your garden

Once you have a deck in your garden its worth considering that this will be something that you see every day. Every time you look out of the window you’ll see it, its much more than a place to sit in your garden. As the light changes throughout the year so will the appearance of your garden. The plants come and go, show flowers and create texture. It’s like an everchanging canvas, all year around.

The cost of materials

Ignoring politics and the doom and gloom from the press, lets remain positive about your new deck. Many companies are still booked for many months to come and their price may be fixed; materials will always continue to increase in cost. The cheapest time to secure your new deck is now. The only thing is certain is that the cost of the materials will be more the longer you leave it.

The decking design

Vital to the success of your investment, the design is key to the enjoyment you will perceive from your new deck. Get your designer to create a “wow and not an oh”. Easier said than done and impossible to achieve unless your project has been well-thought-out.

It doesn’t have to be a simple rectangle or square. It can be curved; it may have built in planters or even a water feature. All the more impressive if you can see this from within your house.

Paths, planting and lighting

Once you’re decking plan is a concept perhaps you may consider a path from it to your garden room. Surround the platform with plants that disrupt the edge, this will soften the space and add interest. Lighting is also key to creating an all year round look. The lights are taken for granted in the summer but really stand out in the winter.

Search professional decking installer or DeckPro near me and it won’t be long before you realise when is the perfect time for a new deck; and that’s now.

Photo credit from current Deck pro’s

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