Which Hardwood Decking should I choose for a light coloured timber?

Which Hardwood Decking should I choose for a light coloured timber?

The best Hardwood Decking I would choose for a light coloured timber would have to be from a selection of timbers that have proven to be suitable for use as decking. There are many more botanical species of exotic timber to choose from than you may have first thought.

Teak is the perfect choice, a light golden tan with possibly the best track record for use in exterior timber projects especially decking; Indonesian Teak being more sustainable than anything from Burma. For the finer or higher grades the cost is prohibitive but if you still want teak and use the more economical Rustic Teak then the cost is similar to quality Ipe hardwood.

Elondo, a great hardwood for decking with a similar in look to Teak with a more open grain. Elondo is often used as decking on Yachts where the budgets are low, but nevertheless a great choice.

Taperyba,  tight grained hardwood, has the smell of cinnamon when cut, very hard and durable. This species of timber has a more golden finish when compared to Elondo decking.

Doussie, an established timber when commonly used as interior flooring. This timber has been used across Europe for many years and is a contender for a light coloured timber decking at the lower end of the cost spectrum yet has the performance to that of Elondo.

Teak will always be the winner as it is by far the most durable, stable and is of course spelt T-E-A-K so if anyone asks what is the best deck you can have there it is…


From left to right, Elondo, Taperyba, Rustic Teak, Doussie and Indonesian Teak

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