A Helping Hand… for 2193 Air Cadets New Garden

Dear all Landscapers.

Before joining the Military I used to be in the Air Cadets, 2193 Sqn in Prestatyn, North Wales. They sent me flying so many times I lost count and not to mention the band and the very many great times I had – time for me to give something back…

Recently, the Sqn has had a £500 donation to go towards a garden renovation. We, at Decorum.London, are going to donate, supply and construct a simple deck and assist with the design and build of the whole garden. It’s not going to be an award winner but its our chance to give something back and make the best use of a blank space, let us create a better greener space so the cadets can use it.

This is a shout out to those that may of served, been a cadet, or a landscaper in the area that would like to spend a Saturday to lend a hand.

I would like to complete the garden on Saturday 31st of this month. We have the Sqn Staff and 40 plus cadets lending a hand for the labour.

We are looking for donations of materials to include:

Plants, Soil, Paving, Sharp sand, Cement, Rail sleepers, (new pine), A BBQ.

The HTA, APL and ProLandscaper Magazine are going to be involved so any volunteers will get a mention, links and PR, the local and also the Air Cadet newspaper, so there are lots of opportunities there.

Do please contact me at [email protected] should you wish to be involved.

Many thanks


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