Black Accoya cladding, a Japanese influence

The Black Accoya cladding has been manufactured in multiple profiles, every section is a different dimension and angle. Complicated in thought process, creative in process which has delivered a contemporary cladding facade… it looks simple which resulted in this clever design with an equally clever product and accurate installation.

Black Accoya cladding is a material that allows the Architect to get creative, it’s a blank canvass and can be moulded into just about any size or shape. It can be simple or it can disrupt…

The concept was clever, it was clear. The client approved and the project was refined. The planning committee agreed and the consultant was engaged. The manufacturing was commissioned. The installation was accurate and on time.

Clear Architects are the creators and designers for this new build project.

“Where else have you seen a cladding design like this…? The Accoya cladding panels are 44mm thick; each profile in different angles, widths and the arrangement looks random but every piece had its own position on the project.”

Each piece of the cladding has its own design and is set out to millimetre pride of place with the specialist fixings.

Architectural cladding
Charred Accoya

Cladding Installation

Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd created this installation. Aluminium framework by Nvelope® 6 and installed by the team at Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd. The brackets were fitted with precision between the aluminium rail system, cold bridging plates and Use Class 3 treated timber battens.

The specialist oils created specifically for this material use by Owatrol.

A detailed manufacturing process was required; the profile detail of the Accoya, Lathams Ltd have the production ability, it was a slow process due the many different angles and accuracy required. The Charred Accoya is quite a neat finish.

The cladding covered an area of over 600 sqm. There is no compromise, no interruptions and certainly not installed in haste. This has resulted in an Architectural scheme that looks as sharp as it was designed.

charred accoya cladding
Black Charred Cladding with Accoya

Construction Project Management

Regular site meetings between the Architect and Karl Harrison ensured a well organised project. There were many extra over works require on site and Karl Harrison undertook them. The main contractor had a busy schedule and Karl Harrison has the ability to keep projects flowing.

Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd has a substantial cladding portfolio. This sits within a well-established history of professional Garden design and Landscaping. They are a team of capable tradesmen with experience.

Charred Accoya Cladding Black
Charred Accoya Shizen 自然 for Architects


Project            Wyvern House

Location         North East London

Client               Private

Materials       Charred Accoya

Completed     2019

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