Biophilic Bedroom Design by Oliver Heath using Shou Sugi Ban.

I’d love to sleep in this Bedroom set designed by Oliver Heath and sponsored by Interface Hospitality. Oliver and I met at the show and he talked me through his ideas and re-search creating the perfect sleep set using the principals of Biophilic Design. Sleeping on a bed made from timber can reduce your heart rate by 3500 beats per day. Knowing this, Oliver wanted to incorporate our Shou Sugi Ban cladding in the bed frame, in the wall covering and on-suite bathroom furniture.

Shou Sugi Ban has certainly been brought into the 21st Century in these contemporary design applications.Using ancient Japanese methods of Shou Sugi Ban we manufacture ‘Byakko’ – 白虎 ; known as larch burnt white. This product has a natural aesthetic and a tactile feel. This is the most bespoke art wall cladding available and with 6 different processes in manufacture, not easily replicated.

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