Blue Forest use Kebony Timber on Bespoke Boat House

Kebony Timber on Bespoke Boat House

The star of this show has to be Kebony… or is it the design… or should it be the installation… they are all testimonies to absolute beauty, clever design and use. What could have been a simple boat house, or two in this case, have been transformed by complex layering of technology, design and innovation.

The well-engineered and mechanised front open facade and roof system is a hidden gem. When closed looks like a simple Kebony Timber clad boat house come summer room that floats on the water. Once the mechanism fully opens it reveals an Architectural masterpiece. The front elevation, in part, moves vertically so the bottom becomes the top and as it is connected to the roof you reveal the opposite angle for the roof. Incredible, how something so simple can achieve such a statement.

kebony cladding decking on luxury boat house

Brooks Bros said, “These guys design and build luxury tree houses and timber buildings, this company is innovative and clever… timber is in their DNA.”

The choice of timber is key when choosing a timber that performs well that close to water. Many find Kebony is often a clear choice in these difficult locations.

Kebony cladding, what is Kebony?

Kebony ® modified timber decking is rapidly becoming the staple of many Designers repertoire. Sustainable, durable and warranted for 30 years makes Kebony a sensible choice when compared to tropical hardwoods.

Radiata Pine trees that are much less than 30 years old are harvested from their plantation in New Zealand before being shipped to Norway for Kebonization. This well thought out process modifies the timber from a fast-grown soft wood to a timber comparable to that of a tropical hardwood. All this in less than 30 years instead of hundreds of years… certified and sustainable means that you are actually saving the planet when using Kebony.

kebony timber clad luxury bespoke boat house

Kebony is much easier to use, when compared to hardwoods, as a commercial timber; it cuts cleanly with standard carpentry tooling. It takes fixings well and performs very similar to a hardwood except has virtually no movement in the timber.

Kebony supplier in the UK

Brooks timber have been supplying the UK timber sector for over 50 years, experience and well suited to offer professional industry advice. Supplying Kebony ® exclusively across the UK is one of the key sustainable and certified brands that they carry. Do contact them directly with your enquiry.

Credits and Further information

Project               Blue Forest Boat House

Material            Kebony ® modified timber

Use                       Home office and Luxury living space with mooring.

Design and        Blue Forest


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