Building a designer deck in Beaconsfield

Building a designer deck in Beaconsfield

I received a minimal brief on this project. The clients desired a decking terrace to immediately step onto when entering their back garden. This deck would need to be made from timber and achieve a natural aesthetic. They very much wanted to walk barefoot on this deck and feel the organic texture of the timber.

Detailed decking starts with a detailed design

This project is centred around the detail of the decking. I took plenty of time and careful consideration to make sure everything is as precise and accurate as possible. You can see some of these details where the property posts go through the decking, I have allowed for exactly 2 deck boards to run through this centrally.

Another detail, we had to allow for a couple of easy access areas under the decking; Simply to get to drainage if needed. I chose to use a side fix system to effectively hide the fixings. Because of this, I chose to predrill, countersink and plug the boards used for these easy-access areas. I used the same piece of timber so even where there are cuts in the board you still get the natural grain of the timber running cleanly through. It’s details like these that you will notice every now and then when using the terrace. These make you appreciate the care and thought that has gone into this deck design.

accoya hardwood decking installation

Using the Best Decking Materials

There are many different timbers to choose from – of course, I wanted to specify the best. I chose to use Accoya because it’s a modified timber that’s incredibly sustainable and carries a warranty of 50 years against rot outside. I worked closely with James Latham’s to create a beautiful natural texture on the Accoya timber. We achieved this by brushing it back. This is the first time this finish has been used as decking and I love the organic texture it gives.

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Maintaining an Accoya deck

I explained to the clients that because they want this decking terrace to be natural then you should leave it untreated. The Accoya timber is warrantied regardless of treatment and left untreated will naturally go a beautiful grey colour.

Credits and Further information

Client – Private

Completed – 2021

Location – Beaconsfield

Design and Installation – Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Materials – Accoya and James Latham Ltd

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