Building a Millboard Swim Spa Decking Terrace

Millboard Swim Spa Decking Terrace

Karl was asked to design and build a decking terrace in Heronsgate. This terrace would need to have a swim spa, sheltered lounge area and of course a beautiful backdrop.

Starting with the decking that supports the glass box extension. The team installed specialist pad stones that were carefully constructed to support the structure of the new extension.

professional millboard decking designer and installer

Millboard Decking Detail

Millboard decking is a hand moulded board that replicates the texture and colour of real timber. The clients chose to use the Enhanced Grain Limed Oak colour. Millboard is perfect for installation around pools because the boards are anti-slip whilst still looking incredibly modern.

The maintenance required on this type of decking is very minimal which also makes it a very popular choice. Another added bonus of using a professional Millboard installer is the decking carries a lifetime warranty of 25 years.

Karl designed multiple inspection hatches in the decking. These are so the pool maintenance professionals can carry out their regular maintenance easily and safely.

stainless steel decking lift out latches millboard

The end of the decking steps down into another lounge area. This is complete with a fire pit and BBQ.

Karl Harrison has been designing and landscaping in Buckinghamshire for almost 20 years. His fascination with decking is tireless and loves demanding projects. He uses many other decking materials including modified timber, softwoods, and other composites.

Credits and Further Information

Location – Heronsgate

Completed – 2022

Materials – Walther Strong, Country Supplies

Client – Private

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