How to maintain Ipe decking before pic

Repairing a decking disaster

Repairing a decking disaster This garden project was initially completed a few years ago by others. The client decided the space needed some professional maintenance; they also wanted to make some additions to the area. One of the main focal points of this project is the decking. This beautiful hardwood ipe was installed with inadequate … Read more

How to make your decking look better than new with Owatrol Oil

How to make your decking look better than new

How to make your decking look better than new How to make your decking look better than new using the highest quality treatments available. R&A Pressure Washing Services Ltd pride themselves on cleaning and fully restoring any surface be it decking, paving or garden furniture… In this instance, the client had a weathered Ipe deck … Read more

world class decking london design

Decking latest design fashion

Decking latest design fashion “Decking latest design fashion” conjures a cacophony of brain storming concepts; it sets the stage for all to follow in its wake This carefully considered montage of the very latest in designer decking on display is certain to wow the judges. Designed by a leading expert, the style is like the … Read more

composite decking Amersham

Decking design and installation in Amersham

Decking design and installation in Amersham, Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross. We are your local company that has been designing and building decks since 2003. The Amersham decking designer Karl Harrison is a Landscape Consultant and has been designing and building gardens since 2003. He designs decking platforms for gardens in a wide variety of materials… … Read more

Is Composite Decking Expensive?

Is Composite Decking Expensive?

The Costs of Composite Decking It seems fair to say that composite decking is something of a premium product, and although it isn’t the cheapest home improvement out there, you certainly get what you pay for. This is all down to an extensive manufacturing process which results in an incredibly high-quality product, which is not … Read more

Decking Screws

Decking Screws, which ones should I use explained here… Stainless, coated or does it really matter? Of course, it does… Stainless Steel Decking Screws Stainless is by far the best for exterior use, either A2 or A4 stainless The A2 stainless steel grade screw or fixing has a good corrosion resistance under standard construction use … Read more