Homeowners Beware: Decking Nightmares to Avoid

“Latest Decking Fashion Design” evokes a flurry of innovative ideas, serving as a benchmark for others to aspire to. This thoughtfully curated showcase of the most current designer decking is sure to impress the judges. Created by a top expert, the style is akin to an unfinished symphony, an unmade bed… it’s amazing.

The seamless wrap-around style of this pristine terrace exudes confidence from the designer.

How to design the perfect decking

The materials, the fixings and the critical construction of which are key elements when creating the perfect decking. It is unreasonable to consider the materials in their own right, one should consider the end user. The materials choice and style has to match the expectations and go beyond. The reason one uses a professional designer is to “wow” the client, this project is the perfect example of such.

The interplay of the multiple fixings against the slime oozing across the surface is pure brilliance. One of the most exciting collaborations of wood and metal there has been in this field since it began.

How to appreciate designer decking

This I feel is firmly in the arms of the user, they’ll be using these when they come crashing to the ground… sometime in the near future of course. This is the inevitable and an essential element of owning such a terrace.

The look and feel of this work of art will, no doubt, give the owner many hours of pleasure, bruises and trips to A&E.

How to maintain designer decking

Well, this is the genius of such an investment, one simply doesn’t maintain… No cleaning, no washing, no oil… absolutely zero. Calculating the investment total over say 10 years, its almost nothing.

How (not) to choose your decking installer

This one is really simple, get as many quotes from as many professionals as you possibly can then get. Give them all the run around, ask for breakdowns of their figures and expect most of them to provide a scope of works and a drawing too. Then simply get bobajob billyto build it for you. Ignore the relevant planning permissions and building regulations, he said he knows what he’s doing. Billy will be much cheaper than the professionals, his fixings will rust up in no time and the decking will most certainly be the cheapest you can find on the market. It will be guaranteed though… guaranteed to look like these images in no time at all.

He’ll have no clue about how to actually build a deck and couldn’t spell Euro Code 5 regulations if he tried. Don’t ask him about the intended useful loading per square metre to be expressed in kilonewtons…

Don’t be like billy! billy is a goat and should be left on the mountains where you found him.

NB. No goats were harmed in the making of the post


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