Commercial composite decking installation, Mayfair

Commercial composite decking installation, Mayfair. A simple request from Woodland Corporate Interiors; they required a terrace for the office staff at Helme + Partners. Ecodek were the decking choice by the main contractor and as recommended Pro Installers for Ecodek, Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd from Amersham were the guys for the job.

An awkward stepping arrangement with stair treads at differing elevations; made the initial site survey slightly more complex than drawn by the Architect. An meeting between all parties resolved this by allowing for a change in direct of the decking. This allowed the fall ratio of 1:80 to observe the step elevation and thus solved the problem. This resulted in both sets of steps having the same riser elevation.

Commercial composite decking installation, Mayfair

Pedestals and Stiff joists

Pedestals as recommended by Ecodek and the stiff joists which made up the essential structural component; In order to provide a platform with a warranty. The structural loading was for a 1.5 kN intended use as this terrace was for the sole purpose of a small office exterior space and would only be used infrequently.

Karl Harrison said “I admire the honesty of Ecodek, unlike most decking it doesn’t try to be timber, it’s a high quality WPC and looks great”.

The fixings, specific to Ecodek are quite ingenious. They are colour coded to each different colour deck in their range. By using the smart bit they countersunk into predrilled holes in the deck. All elements of the installation is in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions; records of which retained in house at Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd.

The planters were a simple box arrangement with Buxus sempevirens; the soft landscaping wasn’t required on this project so the saving grace was the abundance of planting perambulating of the neighbours fence. A beautiful mixture of Ivy hedera canariensis and Trachelospermum Jasminoides. Nature sometimes has a way of its own biophilic agenda, even when its sometimes not preferred.

Commercial composite decking installation, Mayfair

Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Karl is based in Amersham and has been designing decking structures since 2003. He has written professional installation guides for decking for an association and contributes to RIBA official price guides.  Karl has a design and landscaping team on hand to offer professional Ecodek advice, they are of course, Ecodek Pro Installers.

Credits and Further Information

Completed – 2019

Material: EcoDek Heritage Welsh Slate

Main Contractor: Woodland Corporate Interiors

Client: Helme + Partners

Location: Berkeley Street, Mayfair

Finish: Face fixed with colour matched screws.


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