Composite Prime Extra Wide Decking by 2LG Studio

Composite Prime Extra Wide Decking by 2LG Studio

A London garden with London decking

Beautifully designed exterior space with decking by Composite Prime. A London project, a London garden and a London design by a London company 2LG Studio.

Composite Prime Composite decking HD Pro

The best colour for composite decking

There are far too many colours and that’s before we select a decking type. Composites are very much in vogue these days. Composite Prime have hit the headlines thanks to 2LG Studio… They can’t steel all the glory here folks – just look at the new Champagne colour by Composite Prime.

This colour is a dead cert’ for a contemporary decking terrace, especially when you are wanting to match a washed Oak interior… Champagne is the colour of choice here… It’s stylish I’ll give you that!


Composite Prime composite decking in London

This is a beautiful project by 2LG Studio in London featuring Composite Primes new extra wide HD Deck Pro. The very latest in wide decking boards and they are IN… we’ve had the thin boards and now the design board want a much wider product.

The trend is a wider board and Composite Prime have this bang on, I guess that’s why the guys at 2LG Studio chose it for their project. Almost minimal, chic and dressed with intelligence. The furniture, the soft stuff and the cushions all add to a complete room outside.

What 2LG Said

They wrote on their website “Creating this new living space outdoors has been our lockdown labour of love. Combining our new found love affair with gardening and our longtime passion for interiors”.

“working in the garden is Good for the mind and body”. They also said “We can’t wait to enjoy it now and watch it evolve through the seasons”.

Professional Decking installation by Composite Prime

Composite Prime Composite decking have an approved and well vetted Professional Installers Scheme. A strict training course and they look after you too… If you are interested in applying to be your local Pro then contact Composite Prime.

Credits and Further Information

Designer     2LG Studio

Materials    Composite Prime

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