Decking balcony in Milford on Sea

Decking balcony in Milford on Sea

Professional Millboard composite decking installer Gary Griffiths has created a simple deck terrace and spiral staircase. Exceptional detailing which has extracted the very best from this quality composite decking board.

millboard decking spiral staircase smoked oak

Decking Steps on a spiral staircase

Awkward in shape, awkward in dimension and awkward to install, all taken in the careful hands of Gary Griffiths. Each step tread required an exact cut out of decking board. This is then reversed fixed in the steel plate of the metal work.

Gary said, “Sometimes these small projects with that special or complicated detail gives me the most satisfaction”.

The foot plate thickness was calculated to accept the 32mm thickness of the decking board as well as the vertical balusters. The whole series of measurements has almost no tolerance and had to fit exactly… and they did.

Simply balcony with clever design

By using the maximum from each board Gary was able to create a repeating pattern in this decking arrangement. Simple, effective and worked with the dimensions of the project and also the board.

Decking balcony in Milford on Sea

The finish which followed the foot plate of the door threshold was a tiny detail often missed on terraces. No trip hazards here and a smooth transition from inside to out, all at one level.

Millboard was the answer due to the 32mm thickness and board length. The performance and durability was also a factor. Millboard offer sensible warranties for the decking products, up to 25 years for domestic applications.

Gary Griffiths… Who is he?

Gary is a decking designer and exceptional deck builder. A chap who works to regulations and an avid supporter of the Approved Millboard Installer scheme. He has many projects under his belt and has installed thousands of square metres of this composite decking board for private and commercial projects.

He operates on the south coast of the UK.

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