Everything Stone Install Decking in Cornwall

Everything Stone install decking in Cornwall and are professional installers for UPM Profi composite decking. On this project UPM Profi is a beautiful choice and achieves a 25 year warranted deck in Cornwall.

When constructing decking anywhere in the UK it is essential that the manufacturers instructions are followed to the letter. Correct joist dimensions in the right dimensions, treated to minimum Use Class III; laid to falls and fixed with the approved timber connection fixings.

Everything Stone Install Decking in Cornwall

Designing a UPM Profi Composite Deck

Designed in house the material suppliers at “Everything Stone” who have a unique USP in that they are a fabulous material supplier for the landscaping industry and they also offer a design and landscaping service in house… it’s a one stop shop.

Pad concrete foundations correctly laid out to offer the decking frame a 1.5 kN intended use loading; which is suitable for domestic use and perfect for a swimming pool deck surround. Further, the UPM Profi decking, installed on the 45-degree format and by using the side clip system. The assisted the installation greatly and these clips wont corrode and will be there forever.

The working location was tight with not a safe level work area. Because of this a lot of the works were precut in the front of the property; this added to the time on site. No phased by this we completed the installation in the time allowed for this build.

Several project features custom made for this project including a swimming pool, pond and bridge.

We are certified installers of UPM Profi decking, we felt this product worked well with the client brief. Next to water and fitted with the design materials palette.

Everything Stone Install Decking in Cornwall

 Where can I buy UPM Profi Composite Decking?

You can view the UPM Profi website by clicking on this link – https://www.upmprofi.com/

We also had two smaller curved decks to install up by the house, and standing up by these decks you get a real nice view over the garden and Bath country side.

“Everything Stone” are suppliers, manufacturers and installers of a large range of natural stone and composite stone products. Furthermore, part of our company specialises in the supply & installation of hard landscaping products, which is where UPM Profi fits in.

We have a portfolio of works in Cornwall, have a look and let us know what you think.


We have displays at our showroom in Cornwall, featuring UPM Profi composite decking.

Everything Stone Install Decking in Cornwall

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