Decking Installer and Landscaper in Wiltshire

Decking Installer and Landscaper in Wiltshire

Coppered Oak coloured Millboard decking

Coppered oak Millboard sat on Plaspro, plenty of oak and pretty fine porcelain installed by Mr Fencing AKA Martin Howell. A talented Landscape gardener with a love of decking. Often found landscaping whole garden schemes designed by Landscape Architects and Garden designers.

Designer                                             Aubrey Hadley                         AH Design Studio

Decking and Landscaping             Martin Howell                         Mr Fencing

Location                                            Wiltshire

Budgets                                             £25-30k

Materials                                          Millboard                                Chalford Building Supplies

Porcelain                                                                                            Cheshire Sandstone

Lighting                                                                                              Bolt Electrical

Looks simple, but there’s more than meets the eye

Some decking installations are as long as they are broad, efficiently constructed and easy to quote for. Looking at the photo where the decking path meets the oak pergola it must have been a nightmare. Many short pieces and changes in direction does require a complex design for the structure. Hats off to Martin for this, it looks really simple but I am sure it wasn’t

decking installer in Wiltshire
Decking Installer and Landscaper in Wiltshire

Derry Hill in Wiltshire and a demonstration of something more substantial. A couple of contrasting colours of `Millboard Enhanced Grain push this design toward an American flavour. Do you like it? Deck lighting in the form of Led strip light in the step adds style during the evening.

Decking Installer and Landscaper in Wiltshire

Millboard decking installer wiltshire
Decking Installer for Millboard in Wiltshire

Installed in the recommended method by the training programme by Millboard. Plastic pedestals over an existing terrace and the clever use of PlasPro. The “forever lasting” plastic joists are essential to a decking install; you can be sure that will outlive its owners… An additional cost compared with timber but worth every penny for those wishing to have a long-lasting terrace.

Decking and the Association of professional landscapers

When the Decking Network spoke to Martin, asking “Did you know that the APL have their own timber decking guide”. Martin replied “Yes, I am currently looking to join the Association”.

“We love working with Millboard. It’s such a stunning product. Installing the Plaspro system makes for a near bulletproof solution”. (Martin Howell – Mr Fencing)


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