Decking Seminar at The Landscape Show

Decking seminar at The Landscape Show

The UK’s leading Landscaping trade event is dedicated to Landscapers, qualified garden designers, landscape architects, and architects. It is a platform to network and source industry-leading products to use in Landscaping.

Hey “Decking Folk” this is for you… A gathering of like-minded Professionals all under one roof. What’s not to like…

The Decking Seminar

The decking Seminar will take place on the 28th of September in Seminar room 4 at 10:30 called

“Regulations, Best Industry Practice and Guidelines”

If you have an interest in having a new deck, want to understand the importance of correct construction and your warranty. If you a Pro decking installer and have questions that you want to bring to the panel… This is the time for you to stand up and be counted.

Decking Seminar
Are you going to the Landscape Show?

The speakers

Hosted by Decking Networks Karl Harrison, Philip Tremayne General Manager of the Association of Professional Landscapers and Rupert Keys the MD of TASK Landscaping Training Academy.

Phil will be talking about standards, codes of practice, regulations and their importance… Rupert will be expressing the detail of expected finish that is required to win awards – and of course “Keep your clients happy”

Karl will be answering your questions about decking, what to expect, what do they cost, which are the market leaders and why.

What’s in it for you

Rock up, have a coffee and network with fellow decking installers, inspect new decking products, discuss techniques, marketing, tools etc… I’m quite sure there’s a lot more at The Landscape Show.

Why is the decking Network there?

It’s the perfect place to put a name to a face, it will be great to see you. It’s the perfect platform to get the right information to Decking Pro’s, Landscapers, Garden Designers and Architects… The Decking seminar at The Landscape Show is for you.

We have to shout about what we do best… right? Join us and show your support… Sign up here

The Landscape Show
The Decking Network is hosting a seminar about Decking

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