Decking Terrace Fire Places in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Decking Terrace Fire Places in Amersham Buckinghamshire. Outdoor fireplaces are increasingly popular, wanted by many clients and specified by Garden Designers and Professional Landscapers. They also have different functions and use a variety of fuels which can be gas, gel or real timber.

Further, they can be designed for that special custom project or chosen from an extensive range of fire appliances.

Types of outdoor fireplaces for your garden terrace

There are 5 main options for your garden fireplace, Fire pits, Fire bowls, Fire tables and woodburning cooking fireplaces.

They all have their own function, designed differently and offer a specific function.

Installed in their own right, they can stand proud in the centre of your decking structure as a feature. Whist some have the flames, some also have illumination too.

You can mount fire pits at floor or ground level, square or rectangle in the main. Fire bowls are exactly that, they are a large bowl arrangement with either pebbles or fake timber… we say fake but they do look real.

Fire tables are more exciting as they add to the drama of exterior entertaining; Usually situated in the main seating area and act as a place to put your feet up or use as a table.

Real wood burning fireplaces are used, in the main, instead of a BBQ. A plinth or outer perimeter of the raised structure surrounds the fire. This is used to cook on… a clever idea that does look good.

Questions about outdoor garden or terrace fireplaces?

There are many questions from Garden Designers, Landscaper, especially Deck Builders… How do I… etc

Can I put a fire pit on decking?

Decking construction… live loads… who designs this?

What fire pits are suitable to go on decking?

Should you consider the size of your decking?

Who can install a fire pit?

Do outdoor fire places need maintenance?

Can I automate my outdoor fire pit?

There are many questions, best to ask the specialists at Urban Fire’s or tune in to future News Information on the Decking Network.

Decking Terrace Fire Places in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Essential advice for Garden Designers and Deck Builders

Furthermore, there is a lot of information regarding the safe design and use of fire pits for the garden or decking structure. Here are a few advice pages you should find interesting.

Urban Fires have some very handy guides for Designers designing fire pits, specifying a fire pit and designing fire tables.

I want to see Outdoor Fires?

Urban Fires have a showroom at The Sky House Design Centre, Amersham.Decking Terrace Fire Places in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

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