Decking thermo-treated ash Promotion End Season €. 60 sqm.

Outdoor wood flooring (decking) and wall ventilated complete patented system for the installation Speedy Feet €. 60 sqm. Speedy Feet is an interlocking system, the plank is mounted to the frame with the feet pressure exerted on it, does not use screws, nails or glue. Installation is extremely simple and fast, does not require the use of specialized personnel.

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2 thoughts on “Decking thermo-treated ash Promotion End Season €. 60 sqm.”

  1. Ipe decking may be 32usd for you at source but certainly not for a quality product in the UK. I am and tired of IPE being written in the same sentence as cheap. IPE is a superior product and should be sourced, promoted and sold as the best, this isn’t in anyway a budget product.

    FAQ IPE in the UK is approximately £70 plus vat to a customer, this being S4S E4E and obviously much more for specific lengths and different profiles.

    If you want to go cheap then bilinga, massa’, and far too many others to list……..

    Go speedy,