Die-cast Aluminium Decking – The Safer Decking Choice

Safety, sustainability and aesthetics are what most people look for when investing in decking for their garden. In most cases, timber is the material of choice as it’s widely available and can be painted in a number of attractive finishes. Although timber looks great, it can succumb to wear and tear unless it’s regularly maintained. Unfortunately, this wear and tear can often go unnoticed in places which are hard to monitor, such as the joists. If problems are left untreated then this could lead to sagging, loose railing posts and soft spots in the decking and, in the worst cases, the decking could even collapse.

Safety in aluminium

Although timber decking can last for years if maintained properly, there is an alternative material which requires minimum maintenance, looks great and is super safe – aluminium. Die-cast specialists Dynacast worked with decking experts SigmaDek Ltd to produce a decking system which combines aluminium support with the attractiveness of natural wood. The die-cast components from Dynacast support the timber slats (plastic slats or any other material can also be used) so the final look of the decking isn’t compromised.

Aluminium is a safe choice for decking structures as it isn’t associated with the problems badly installed or unmaintained decking can have. The aluminium decking components supplied by Dynacast for the SigmaDek system had never been used in decking constructions before, so in order for the system to be approved by the International Building Code, the components had to be manufactured to a safety level 2.5 times greater than is normally specified for timber decking. This means that the SigmaDek system is extremely safe.

Easy installation

Poorly installed decking not only looks unattractive, but it can also cause safety issues, such as uneven decking or weak spots in the decking from installers using the wrong fasteners for example. Aluminium decking systems can eradicate many of these issues as the SigmaDek system is very easy to install, which means that the end result is as dependent on how skilled the contractor is. This decking system includes locking systems which only allow components to be fitted in the right way, eliminating confusion and the temptation for contractors to do a ‘botched job’.

For more information on Dynacast please visit www.dynacast.co.uk or for further information on the decking visit www.sigmadek.com.  

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