Elevate decking uses Moasure

Elevate decking uses Moasure

The Decking Network caught up with Jack Trewick from Elevate Decking to discuss the finer points his latest investment called Moasure. The pro decking company is based in Creswell in Derbyshire and Jack designs and builds decks professionally.

Measure is a relatively new measuring device that enables the user to accurately survey just about any space, this could be inside or outside.

Moasure has patented technology that uses motion to take measurements, inertia sensors and clever electronics to measure just about anything.

Accelerometers and gyros are combined with an innovative algorithm, to deliver the accuracy you need. Moasure will measure your projects in ways no other measuring tools can.

Moasure ONE knows its own position in 3D space because it measures in three dimensions. Thus making it easy to measure distance, changes in elevation, complex shapes  and around obstacles.

With all of the other technology out there, why did you purchase a Moasure?

I purchased a Moasure as I wanted something that was small and convenient. As a busy decking installer, I needed my site visits to be as productive as possible: less time measuring and more time getting to know the project and the client’s needs.

What projects do you use Moasure for, Interior or Exterior or both?

When Elevate decking uses Moasure, its mainly for exterior projects. I install decking everyday and I find the Moasure’s utility to be great for outdoor work.

Have you got rid of your professional surveyor yet or are you still getting to grips with Moasure?

I was considering hiring a professional surveyor however due to the effectiveness of Moasure this is a cost I don’t need to worry about! As a small business owner, this reduction in cost is always welcomed.

Do you have a favourite mode that you use more than others?

I primarily use the 3D drawing mode. It allows me to get detailed measurements for uneven and irregular shapes.

What software do you export your files to?

I export my files to SketchUp where my designer scales and builds upon the data.

Do you use the elevation mode?

Being located in South Yorkshire, I use the elevation mode frequently, particularly on new extensions. It’s a very hilly region and this mode comes in very handy!

Measure elevation with Moasure
Measure elevation with Moasure

What’s your honest opinion of the stock and phone holder?

The stick that holds the device is very easy to use and ergonomic. It stops me from straining to get into difficult positions. I have this one hand and my phone in the other which makes it very easy to measure.

Have you recommended Moasure to anyone else yet?

I have recommended Moasure to fellow tradesman and business owners, as getting accurate measurements is critical for every trade. It doesn’t cost much and certainly pays for itself in a job or two.

Is it just you who use the Moasure or do other members of your team use it?

Its just me, I am the primary user and I use it most days to be honest. I couldn’t be without it, even for a quick elevation check its invaluable.

If you could modify it what would you like to see upgraded

A dust cover would be a welcome addition to the charging port to protect it from the weather.

What’s the size of your company and where are you based?

We are South Yorkshire’s premier decking installer. Our decking company is based in Creswell and we cover Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

Do you have a website, tell us what you do

Our website is www.elevatedecking.co.uk and you can also find us on Checkatrade https://www.checkatrade.com/trades/elevatedeckingltd and on Instagram https://instagram.com/elevatedecking

Is essential that your clients know about you using the “Moasure® ONE™ being the world’s first motion-based measuring tool”

I use Moasure on every site visit and clients are often impressed with this device, it makes me look professional.

Do you have any funny stories or anecdotes about Moasure

I once used Moasure on a job and then compared measurements to the customer’s own. There was a huge difference, with my measurements being very accurate. This highlighted how common human error is, and if I hadn’t used Moasure, the job could have turned out badly!

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