Exterpark Hardwood Decking Installed in the West midlands.

Joe Proudly has created yet another beautiful deck in the west midlands. “It’s not the easiest to install, but it gets the best results”.

Joe has used Exterpark’s plus profiled Elondo, This uses an invisible fixing system with stainless steel clips and screws. These allow a 4mm gap for air circulation and drainage, which keeps your substructure healthy and your deck lasting as long as possible.

This wonderful deck will last 25-30 years when maintained properly and still look this good. West Midlands landscapes are one of our many approved hardwood timber installers from across the country.

For more information about this garden go to Joe’s website http://www.westmidlandslandscapes.co.uk/

Contact Joe on 0797748368 or 01527541337

Email: [email protected]

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