Fully sustainable Genuine Mahogany decking program

By now, you know a little bit about our fully sustainable Genuine Mahogany decking program from Fiji. You also know we sell our Mahogany in a Kiln Dried Rough Sawn 4/4 through 12/4 program in Select and #1 cutting grade. Did you know our Genuine Mahogany is being used to build other products as well, such as fencing, Guitars, Doors, windows, outdoor furniture, Etc? All at a fraction of the cost of Mahogany from South America, yet our Genuine Mahogany carries ALL the attributes of being real mahogany unlike some other species which can only boast some of Genuine Mahogany’s properties. Scroll through some of the pictures to learn more.


Outdoor Patio Furniture- Genuine Mahogany from Fiji


Fijian Genuine Mahogany Fencing


Fijian Genuine Mahogany built Guitars


There are customers just waiting for you to introduce a true Genuine Mahogany Alternative. It’s right here, when you need it. Our Mahogany is proven in many industries. Call me to chat more about carrying a great sustainable hardwood product.

 “The Hype and excitement is Growing! Hop on Board! “

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