GCM 12 GDL Saw for Professional Decking Installers

GCM 12 GDL Professional Bosch Mitre Saw with GTA 2500 W Professional Stand

I would normally comment upon pros and cons of a new piece of equipment, in this case there is simply no need, only pro’s here. This saw is “off the scale” in terms of price, usability and most importantly accuracy. We have started using this saw on site this week and it is by far the best saw we have ever used (or so my guys have said), there was one other question “when can we replace the other saw”… I am not commenting on the make or model of the other saw but suffice it say it will be very soon and with one of these.

The bench is also quite honestly the best saw bench we have used, certainly for commercial installation when you have to carry your kit for miles…not anymore.

  • Sawing like never before: extremely smooth with lasting precision
  • Lasting precision due to innovative, maintenance-free and extremely robust guide arm
  • Frictionless slide mechanism ensures very easy, non-tiring sawing
  • Accurate cuts and the highest cut quality due to integrated double line laser and “Top Precision Best for Wood” saw blade
  • Efficient dust extraction due to optimised suction spouts
  • All controls for mitre and bevel settings are situated on the front of the machine to make work more convenient
  • Pull-out material supports integrated on the right and left with integrated length stop
  • Integrated carrying handle for easy transport
  • Compact slide mechanism enables space-saving positioning directly against the wall
  • Powerful motor (2000 watts) offers sufficient power reserves for thick woods
  • Groove-cutting function

Q. Do you have one of these? let us know what you think….

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