How to get the most from your Decking Network

Hello Decking Installers, Designers, Landscapers and Material Suppliers

Did you know that a complete profile is 86% more likely to attract business proposals than one that is not? We wanted to let you know that The Decking Network gives you complete control over your profile information by allowing you to customize the content that is already available.

Those who have experienced success by customizing their profile have used the following Decking Network profile features to define who they are as a professional:

  • Profile Photo – allow those interested in connecting with you to put a face to the reputation
  • Introduction – use this to an overview of your skills and your preferences
  • Add Contact Info – If you want to be contacted directly this a great way to streamline new business development efforts
  • Define Work Experience – show detailed on-the-job experience and you’ll have an online portfolio to showcase your company
  • Define interests and education – after defining these, click on them to discover other members who share similar educational backgrounds and interests
  • Define Exact Location – Noting your exact location (Town, County, State, Country) will allow you to be searched for by area or region.

If you haven’t done these things listed above, you should visit your page and tweak it a bit. It can only help you in the long run.

Building your reputation online requires a certain amount of time and effort on your part, but doing it correctly can save you time.  Due to the fact that The Decking Network has integrated ways for you to connect your profile to your social media profiles, posting and staying active on the network makes your efforts potentially 5 times more effective and will save you many hours of reposting and promotion.  We promote it for you!  The most important thing you can do is have your profile in order, because your contributions will link back to your profile on the network.

Remember that a Decking Network profile work for you is to optimize the key areas that are always indexed by search engines.

  • Member Profile Checklist
  • Your Real Name or Complete Company Name
  • As much location information as possible
  • A Link to your website or social media profiles
  • Past projects you have worked on (also consider discussing them in your local group forum on the site)
  • Import your blog’s RSS feed if you have one (RSS module on your profile)
  • Connect your Twitter and Facebook profiles (in settings)
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Follow the network (we’ll follow you) on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Link from your own website back to your profile
  • Share an educational experience you’ve had in Decking “good or bad” as a discussion

Watch your reputation soar to the top of search engines through sharing your knowledge and experiences with new clients, suppliers, contractors, Architects, Designers…

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