How to renovate your deck the easy way

If you are considering renovating your existing deck here’s some tips to achieve great results

When renovating your decking area the most important factors to consider before starting the project are:
– Working with what you have
– Budget
– Size
– Do it yourself or use a contracts
– Materials

It is a known fact that a ‘good-looking’ deck can add a lot of value to your home. Decks additions or renovations are the number one project buyers and sellers of property do to their houses, either post purchase or pre-sale.

Before starting with your decking project ask yourself the following questions:
What are your expectations for your deck renovation?
Do you intend to just replank?
Will your joists need replacing?
Do you intend on using existing deck or will you start fresh?

Make sure you have considered to life cycle of your deck: a deck is made up of three costs and the last one is easily ignored or forgotten about
Decking material costs
Decking installation costs
Decking maintenance costs

A deck is an economical way to add an additional living area to your home. It doesn’t need to be large to be affective and with some prior consideration you can make sure you are not just building a deck, but you are building a ‘living space’ your friends can be jealous of!

Building a deck can be a good DIY project to get you started if you like the idea of doing it yourself, however make sure you have gathered some expert advice before starting so that the main foundations are in place for your deck to be straight, level and secure.

Every decking area needs a sub-structure; it is advisable to get some expert advice on what is required for your specific project. These materials are very standard and your architect or builder will be able to advice you in the right direction which may be our QWICKBUILD aluminium system.
On the other hand, there is a very large selection of decking boards in the market today including our composite boards ECODECKING and RESORTDECK. Make sure to do your research on the maintenance required for the type of decking board you are considering so that you have all the information you will need on the lifecycle of your outdoor living space.

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