Ipe quality issues, what is acceptable and what isn’t

Ipe is a beautiful timber and from time to time we get sent images asking questions pertaining to the quality and asked the question “Is this acceptable”

The grading quality of timber refers to the raw timber and the qualities of the timber not the quality of the mill that has processed it.

I would like your comments on what you accept and what you wont, expectations are an important concept when supplying an organic product.

Cost has also got a lot to do with this, Ipe is and should be treated as one of the most desirable timber species to have as a Hardwood Decking Material, there is no such thing as cheap Ipe.

If you have poor quality timber you will spend a lot of time making it look good, if you buy expensive or better machined timber your installation time is reduced as you have little making good to do….

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2 thoughts on “Ipe quality issues, what is acceptable and what isn’t”

  1. Thats great news, so there was an issue, the supplier cared enough to provide a site visit and agreed to replace the problem boards. Sounds like a good supplier to me.

    I must admit, unless you hand select the timbers after the milling process you will always find that.

    I have considered bringing in the very highest quality of ipe, homogenous colour, tight similar grain, perfect finish, but the cost would be almost double that of normal ipe and as most would say after we quoted “yeah its only ipe, the other place is much cheaper”…

    looking forward to seeing the finished deck…