It’s snow good for contractors !!

What’s going on with this weather ?

As landscaping contractors we keep a close eye on the weather. Just when things should be improving for us we get more snow….. How many of you have been held up on jobs? At present we are just about to install 100m2 of Ipe deck with modern pergola structure for an outdoor entertainment area but guess what…. The weather has held us up once again. We are waiting on other contractors ahead of us to pile some foundations,build retaining walls and generally prepare the site for us. It has a knock on effect. Good old Britain !!

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1 thought on “It’s snow good for contractors !!”

  1. That sounds like a nice job Paul. So where’s the Global warming? Still have 3 jobs left over from last year to complete plus another 3 from last year yet to start? And that’s not including work booked in for this year. Still not forgotten that I need to pick up my sweatshirt, I will get there.