Landscape Library reference website

Landscape Library reference website, creating the perfect garden

Landscape Library reference website

 The Landscape Library is a unique resource of information. The site topical features, articles and essays for all involved in the design, construction and maintenance of gardens. Its focus is primarily in the Domestic sector. Majoring on management practices, marketing, client relationships, staffing issues and practical efficiency, written by Professions for Professionals.

Who is the Landscape Library for?

The Landscape Library is produced and maintained for all Garden Designers, Landscape and Garden Builders and Gardens Maintenance Companies. It doesn’t matter what size your company is, every benefits. It has regular updates and stay current within the regulations and communicates with the Associations too.


“A fantastic resource for the support and welfare of our industry. The APL are proud to endorse The Landscape Library”. Phil Tremayne  APL General Manage


The Landscape Library is a fully interactive resource. You the subscriber, are encouraged to engage with the Management Team. Business Development and Consultancy questions are encouraged and are included as part of the service.


“A fantastic resource, full of invaluable information to help all professionals. A great addition to any Management portfolio”. Tony Arnold Chair Professional Gardeners Guild

Landscape library reference website
Landscape library reference website

The Landscape Library welcomes professional designers and contractor from all sectors of the Landscape world, of all sizes and disciplines. The commitment from the publications stand out from the crowd

“A fantastic reference library for Landscape Contractors and Garden Designers”. Adam Dunnett Hilliers Nurseries Ltd


The library is one of a kind thanks to its founder, Alan Sargent. We now have the very best online resource for the Landscaping industry in the UK.

“The Landscape Library is a much needed additional for this vibrant and diverse sector of the industry. Its offering is an invaluable source of helpful and educational information for all”. Mark Youde The Landscape Academy


You should join, we recommend it. It will form part of your compay research structure. Landscape Library reference website is here to stay. You can join by clicking here

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