The Landscaping Exhibition at Futurescape 2023

The Landscaping Exhibition Futurescape 2022

The Landscaping industry showcased at its best, refined, well presented, and very well attended. This was a well thought out demonstration of the best materials, innovation, associations and most of all, people. Important seminars hosted by some of the best in the industry… If you missed it this year, then you certainly missed out.

I have though that over the last few years (Covid aside) that the foot fall has reduced, and the exhibitors had lost their way, how wrong could I be.  From my first step into the hall, it looked fresh and there was a positive vibe in the air.

Decking Manufacturer Exhibitors

Many decking suppliers were supporting the event, Trex®, Composite Prime®, Mextru®, Hahn plastics®, Alvic® and SAiGE composite.

Trex®, the largest composite manufacturer in the world sent its team from the USA. Their event kicked off by an invite only party at the Churchill War Rooms, great discussion, and some solid marketing. Yes, there were some sore heads for the start of the show… Thank you Arbour Forest for the party

Composite Prime decking were there in force. Having a solid footing in UK’s decking market over the last decade is proving to be a product to stay for many years to come.

For materials away from composites and timber there are plastic or Aluminium offerings.  Hahn plastics with an incredible arrangement of recycled HDPE decking. Plenty of different Dimensions and if you need the thickest decking on the planet look no further. Mextru have an impressive arrangement of fire rate EC A fibreboard decking products but are noted more for their Aluminium. Their decking is adorned with the most impressive arrangement of aluminium pedestals and substructure. Alvic and SAiGE were also there with a fine showing of decking materials.

Walther Strong® were there with their choice tape for the “Decking Tape market”

Millboard was not there this year but there were several stands showcasing the Millboard products… Should the Decking Network meet up at “The Landscaping Exhibition at Futurescape” next year?

The Association of Professional Landscapers

The APL were their showing their support for the leading Landscaping show in the industry. They have their AGM and announce the 2023 finalists for the Annual awards. Known in the industry as the Landscaping Oscars.

Their event didn’t go unscathed as a well-orchestrated attempt to lobby the board by a campaigner interfered with proceedings. Their aim was to convince the Association to decide which materials its members could and shouldn’t use. Anyway, these things have a habit of coming full circle before their organisation is asked to move along. Maybe a thankyou was in order as one of them said “Its ok I’m not going to glue my face to the floor”

The Chair, Holly Youde, handled the minor interruption swiftly and with professionalism.

New decking tools

OSC, Olympic Supplies Company were there in force. They currently supply the decking industry with the very best structural fixings and decking screws.

They showcased the Tigerclaw air operated tool. These Tiger Claw fixings are a stainless which can be used in Trex side fixed boards in lieu of the usual plastic fixings. It’s a much faster installation with this new tool and well worth the investment.

Decking tools by Makita

Incredible tools on display by the most up to date tool manufacturer in the UK. Its incredible that they can take an idea and within a few months deliver a brand new took into the market… They listen, design, and deliver… They are quite clever.

New decking innovation

Redux® is the star of this show. A revolutionary product by Composite Prime which was launched with a scramble by all to get to see it first. It’s a realistic wood grained decking material. An extruded board with a rubber coating. The screws simply disappear into the surface… This is a three year in the development “Watch This Space Folks”…

“The Landscaping Exhibition at Futurescape is certainly the right place for product launches”

Stroke of Genius

Composite Prime were the clever sponsors of the lanyards this year. Everywhere you looked at a person wearing a white shirt you assumed they worked for Composite Prime. Imagine the double takes… “But I though you worked for Millboard… I do… Oh yeah  “

Are you coming next year…?

The Landscaping Exhibition at Futurescape will happen next year, hoorah. This event gets better every year, there will be more exhibitors arriving next year. Who would you like to see there? Would you attend a decking seminar?

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