Millboard Composite Curved Decking Enhanced Grain Driftwood

A curved decking project using Millboard Enhanced Grain in the Driftwood colour.

The client required Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd to provide the design, supply and installation of a decking platform that would create a curved design that could take the weight of a hot tub at a later date.

A standard c16/c24 timber sub frame structure was constructed over double beams bolted to rebated posts sunk into concrete.

The timber joists were set at 300 centres; the curved perimeter is constructed with laminated strips of WBP glued/sealed with exterior grade adhesive to create the perfect shape whilst providing stability and longevity of the sub frame.

Flexible Bull nose edging was created especially for this project by Millboard that enabled us to follow the tight curves and provide this wonderful shape.

The rest of the deck was created by using 176mm width, 3600mm long and 32mm thickness decking boards fixed to the sub frame using the Durafix stainless trimhead screws. These screws leave an invisibly fixed decking construction.

The planting was provided by the client, what an amazing collection of Acers……

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