Millboard composite decking design and installation by Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Millboard composite decking design and installation by Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Composite decking installer in Hemel Hempstead

Millboard manufacture a leading composite decking product and professionaly train their installers. The have regular training courses in their headquarters in Coventry. Attention to detail, correct construction and appreciation of the product ability are all covered. This leads to a professional installation every time.


Millboard decking hemel hempstead
Millboard composite decking in Hemel Hempstead

Millboard composite decking designed and installed by Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

Millboards Enhanced grain smoked oak is a great product to work with. Quick installation; just screw through the surface like a normal deck at 400mm centres. Millboard recommend Durafix Trim head screws because they simply disappear into the deck giving a hidden fixing finish.

This 40 Sqm terrace only took a few days to complete, which was great for the client. Millboard is one of the finest composite decking ranges on the market, the company has a good following. The deck boards are suitable for both domestic and commercial projects. because they are anti slip, UV stable, non porous and splinter free. Most importantly it looks like decking.

The important stuff

Millboard composite decking design is important. The easy part is the purchase of the actual decking, you know you are in for a treat. The complex bit is the design of the frame. Its an easy statement to make when you say “well, the joists have to be at 400mm centres”. Its another thing to design the structure to allow for your design and shape without wasting anything from the boards. That said there are a few good designers that understand what spans can be achieved whilst keeping your structure safe. The design details are all under the regulations of EC5, Euro Code 5 referee to the safe limits for the post, beam and joist layout. It also cover the mechanical fixings and which are the appropriate methods. You may also want to consider local planning and also building regulations.

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