Millboard decking installation designed and built by Karl Harrison in Chalfont, Buckinghamshire

Millboard decking installation designed and built by Karl Harrison in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire

The Chalfont decking design brief

To provide a decking area suitable for the daily use of small children close to the rear of the house, the area needs to be non-slip, easy to clean and last a long time. There is a requirement to keep small garden toys secured within the area, there also needs to be a secure/hidden place for a double plug socket.

A pergola to break up the light over the area is a also required.

The composite decking products

The choice of decking materials for this garden was key to the success of the project; timber decking was out of the question due to maintenance. The only choice for the decking was Enhanced Grain Golden Oak by Millboard Decking, non-slip, easy to clean and guaranteed longevity.

The secure area doubled up as a bench within the decked area, it also wrapped around the corner to provide a small cupboard to hide the double plug socket.

A great choice for the pergola was Cedar, a better quality choice over pine.

Millboard decking installation designed karl harrison
Karl Harrison garden design and professional landscaping

Millboard Decking designed by Karl Harrison

The design was pencilled by the client as the requirements were specific and they knew exactly what they wanted. Our job was to provide the correct design for the substructure. We used rebated posts to support the double beams, bolted of course. The joists were fixed at 400mm centres providing a solid 1.5Kn loading per sq/m. The installation guidelines by Millboard were followed to the letter.

The excavation was quite extensive in order to accommodate the depth required for this structure, 332mm in all, and two grab lorries away…

The importance of correct decking structure design

Millboard decking installation designed by a professional is vital to the performance of the decking. EC5 regulations should be followed as should the advice from the manufacture, in this case Millboard.

Where to buy Millboard Decking.

Millboard is available to buy from Country Supplies in High Wycombe.  They also supplied the Cedar section of timber.

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