Millboard composite deck builder in Hemel Hempstead

Millboard composite deck builder in Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead deck builder

Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd design and build a Millboard composite decking platform in a private garden in Hemel Hempstead, Buckinghamshire.

The clients’ choice of decking can sometimes be right; they want decking and once they have had advice from a friend then they are not normally shifted. In this case, they liked Millboard in the new colour Antique oak in the Enhanced Grain range.

They were exact in their decision about dimensions, size and shape. The step arrangement they had drawn to one side of the mid platform, perfect and exactly as required.

Millboard composite deck builder in Hemel Hempstead

A composite decking design and build case study

Once the client had the full written quotation and agreed to the cost, a full specification was prepared. A detailed set of drawings set out in a manner that the client can clearly see the proposed decking design. These drawings can then be called upon should there be a warranty claim in the future or if the manufacturer wants to inspect them. It great to see a client ask directly for a professional Millboard composite deck builder.

The garden had a steep incline in the garden and a series of steps were required to keep the decking at a sensible level.

The photos taken on site show the progress and the decking construction. NB. The end seal is still to be applied just as Corona Virus allows the courier to deliver… more photos to follow.

 How to choose a composite decking Installer

Installer or Designer… is not really a choice. All professional decking companies should offer the full design as part of the service. This isn’t a simple sketch nor a full colour render in what appears to be a “High end” presentation. The decking concept may be a series of simple sketches but a professional decking design is primarily concerned with the frame.

If your decking designer demonstrates a full set of scale drawings which include the post and beam layout overlaid with the joists then fair enough. EuroCode 5 are the calculations you should observe. This gives the exact regulation dimension for the spans between post layout, beams and the joists.

If your designer is subcontracting the deck build to another company, do allow for additional fees for the decking structural design. if you are going to trust a company that suggest they know what they are doing and don’t provide a set of working drawings then how can you be sure as to what they are actually building.


Amersham decking designer and builder
Amersham decking designer and builder


Karl Harrison said “I have helped clients seek redress for badly built decking structures, the PGCA can help in these cases, I am happy to represent the Association”.

Millboard decking professional installer training

Millboard run rigorous installation training programs to established companies. Further, a lot of these companies are respectable members of the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL).

APL Members have to observe a strict set of guidelines. These are promulgated within the association and as such conform to a 15 Year Code of Practice.

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