How to choose a deck builder in Blackburn

A rear garden decking platform is a very much needed attribute to any garden that over looks a canal or river. Whilst you can stand and stare it’s far better to sit and relax with friends and the easiest and cost efficient was of creating this terrace is with decking.

Leon Atkins has created two canal side decking projects, both located in gardens in Blackburn.

Leon is a deck installation specialist based in the north west of England with over seventeen years’ experience and hundreds of deck installations to his name. Proud is a word that emanates from this professional; there isn’t many companies that have designed and built this many decking installations in the UK.

The projects are on the same stretch of canal in Blackburn and came with different challenges and budgets as you would expect by the very nature of an installation of this type. On both decking platforms we designed, supplied and installed a premium board by Millboard.

millboard smoked oak decking and glass balustrade

Decking Balustrade

Did you know that all balustrades on a decking platform must conform to building regulations? Furthermore, once constructed they must perform to a standard. This standard is to withstand horizontal uniformly distributed load force of .74kN. All system components for both stainless steel and regulation toughened glass baluster systems were supplied by FH Brundle.

The Millboard project amounted to 80m2 in smoked oak. For a garden the customer wanted to cover completely and become maintenance free. We were also able to incorporate a cladding and step system to cover an unsightly retaining wall whilst giving access to the lower landing on the canal. A correctly installed deck will let water drain naturally back into the water table.

The second project amounted to 20m2 in the Teak coloured wooden board. Whilst more economical than the top of the range Millboard we were still able to design and produce an extremely functional and useful system whilst giving access to areas where there was none.

Decking Design

Leon “Decking design is far more than an image in scheme, it encompasses a multitude of disciplines”.

The decking has to be a usable and functional space, loading capacity is required to calculate what structure is required. Depending on the loading use it may be a 1.5kN or a 4kN structural design. A fee maybe charged for the design service. A correct structure schedule, well considered, designed and fully drawn out waterside decking structure may take several days can cost in the region of £1400 – 1800 plus vat.

millboard decking and balustrade installed

How to choose the best decking in Blackburn

When you’re using a composite board especially near or in water talk to your supplier/installer about the sub structure of the project as in most cases and certainly using premium boards they will far outlast a Use-Class 3 treated timber. For example, most premium boards carry a 25 year warranty but a standard Use-Class 3 treated timber has a life expectancy of around 15 years (at best) if correctly installed. On the featured project, we used American Southern Yellow Pine which has a 30 year warranty against rotting.

If in any doubt and would prefer a consultation, do call Leon from Blackburn.

Credits and Further information

Designer          Leon Atkins

Material          Millboard and SY Pine

Balustrade      FH Brundle

Structure         1.5kN with 10 year structural warranty

Location          Blackburn, Lancashire

Budget             >5k and <20k

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