Millboard opens its curtains

Millboard opens its curtains for the first time in the UK

Millboard has officially opened its curtains and embraced the professional Decking installers of its, up until now, secret brand. An exciting couple of days at the Ryton-on-Dunsmore manufacturing facility and heart of the UK’s leading brand of decking. Amazing people, great industry support and an amazing product helped to create an inspirational event.

Seriously, if you missed this then you certainly missed out.

An inspirational day for all

A breakfast brioche bun filled with bacon sausage and egg, lashings of a deliciously spicy sauce. The perfect start to the day… then  there was the coffee; perfectly made too.

The inspiration began when I noticed that almost all of the Millboard company execs were front and centre. No holds barred, curtains open and all freely chatting with everyone in attendance. From the CEO, Director of Operations and Director of Marketing, they were all there. All positively focused on every single person in attendance. They listened, they wanted to understand more from their installers, they cared.

These are the guys that created a first in the world for this type of decking, created in Coventry back in 2007.

Millboard now exports to more than 20 countries around the world and recently in the USA.

Behind the scenes at the UK leading Composite decking brand

The factory tour was comprehensive and whilst Millboard’s secret is still safe, they showed us everything. From the pre application of the finished paint, release agent spraying, liquid Lastane® through a 20 tonne mould compression… through a planer and then inspected by a human. 4 production lines running like a well-oiled machine, tuned to perfection producing thousands of boards per day. Their exterior storage facility only had 218,000 boards ready for dispatch… ONLY!

The staff, now folks, Millboard really have something there. Every single member of the Millboard team is “ONNIT”. Each and every one proud as punch to be part of such an amazing team. I’m sure many companies would do well if they could contain half the same energy. Millboard opens its curtains is phrase that one may hear more often.

The Pro Installers

The day for the installers was met with a general networking, a thing not normally done between small companies. It’s the Pro Installers that make up probably the smallest portion of the sales of Millboard… BUT, these are the brand ambassadors, the guys that shout the most and insist on perfection each and every time they install a Millboard decking project.

The best Millboard designs and installations are by the Pro Installers… said “someone at Millboard”. Well, if they didn’t then I jolly well did because it’s a fact… so there.

So, we asked some of installers what they thought about the day and what are the thoughts that they will carry forward.

“The openness”. “The transparency”. “The testing”. “The quality”. “You know, these guys really care”… were some of the sound bites from the day.

Millboard opens its curtains for its pro Installers
Millboard opens its curtains for its pro Installers

The suppliers

TASK Training Academy: An important and established training facility with LANTRA certified courses. They specialise in all training pertaining for Landscaping trades which includes decking. EC 5 standards throughout, classroom learning to design the perfect deck, increase profits and maximise company efficiencies when deck building… They saw some past course students and signed up many new ones… Rupert Keys said “The day was impressive.”

Moasure: How do you not own one of these bad boys… line of site, curves and elevation plus a whole host of tricks every land surveyor is missing out on… A simple, lightweight device that enables the user to survey a garden in a heartbeat without the expensive requirement of a surveyor. I have one and it’s incredible, ok the main reason why is the function to export a 3d topo into SketchUp as a DXF file. Simples 🙂

Makita: These guys are certainly not sure and steadfast. They are updating their offering almost daily. State of the art essential kit which surpasses the competition of performance and price… Nice work guys.

Ground Screw: A new one for the Decking Network. On face value quite expensive and not needed. On reflection on speed of installation, performance and guarantee it’s a go to brand. It’s by far the most efficient way to support your low level decking frame compared to traditional posts… I would.

Walther strong: The number 1 decking tape manufacturer in the UK, best on quality and on price… great support from their team.

Ox Tools: OK so they were late to the party, but they earnt the position on the day. Nowhere near the cost of their competition and for quality they are unbeaten. Their rafter square is a must for every decking installer; so is their framing hammer. I think their tool belt system is underrated and I can’t wait for my team to be kitted out…

Country Supplies: Attended by Venetia who heads their Marketing Team, if you are looking for an efficient way to purchase Millboard decking as well as the components to build a professional decking terrace then give them a call.

The Future of Millboard Decking and Cladding in the UK… Europe… The World…

The R&D and testing brought me back to my military days in aviation where every millimetre was tested repeatedly. Some companies say they strive for perfection, at Millboard they really do mean it. Since 2007 Millboard has had their head down and at full speed ahead developed an incredible decking brand. So, what next for the next 15 years? I’m not sure but at this rate they will be knocking on the door as the No1 brand in the world. It a warming though to realise that Millboard could be taking decking back to the country that invented it… Millboard opens its curtains, you heard it here first.


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